Letter Carving: Techniques and Projects to Hone Your Skills

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In this inspiring book, Andrew Hibberd shares his passion for letter construction and carving on wood and stone. You don´t need to undertake a lengthy apprenticeship to take part in this enjoyable craft. Beginning with essential background information, the author then moves on to key techniques to help you develop your letter construction and carving skills. The book concludes with eight unique projects of increasing complexity for further practice. The projects include simple house signs and decorative lettering on a breadboard and bench.
- Essential information on tools, equipment and materials to get you started
- Detailed examination of key techniques, including project design, brush and pen techniques, sharpening chisels, carving on wood and stone, routing and gilding, with additional practice pieces
- Eight easy-to-follow step-by-step projects
- Will appeal to beginner/intermediate carvers with an interest in lettering
- Practical tips for professional results
Product is sold out!