LP Jaxy - The Eve Of The End (transparent Lime disc)

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A pool

The Eve Of The End
Like A Shadow
Hang On
Gotta Move
Hate You

B pool

Streets Are Calling
Flying High (Dedicated To The One…)
Shut Up
Fire Inside Of Me
Night Thoughts

Vocals: Ott Jalakas, Kertu Vaino
Saxophone & Flageolet: Veiko Tõkman
Guitars: Ott Jalakas
Keyboards: Ott Jalakas (A1-5; B1-5), Evely Steinmann (B1), Edward Ekker (B1), Kairi Pärt (B3)
Bass: Elmu Värk (A1; B1), Olav Proso (B4), Ott Jalakas (A2,3; B2,3,5)
Drums: Kristo Rajasaare
Loops & Programming: Ott Jalakas
Product is sold out!