Until I Loved I Never Lived

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A collection of the best lines of poetry and prose celebrating love in all its forms.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet.

From the familial love that gives us the strength to protect and care for our families and the platonic love that drives us to do anything to help our friends, to the self-love that gets us through difficult times and the romantic love that makes us want to shout from the rooftops and walk miles for a kiss, love has inspired all of our greatest poets and writers to create some of their most moving works.

Discover some of the most beautiful words about love from the love letters of John Keats to passages from Virginia Woolf´s novels, to poems by Elizabeth Barret-Browning and more. Every passage celebrates love at its fullest, in all its forms, be it for a friend, a family member, oneself, or a lover.

Share the love by giving this book to someone you care about or borrow phrases from these brilliant voices to express how you feel.

Anne Bronte | William Shakespeare | Christopher Marlowe | John Keats | Elizabeth Barret Browning | Edmund Spenser | Kahlil Gibran | Charlotte Bronte | John Fletcher | Jane Austen | John Clare | Thomas Hardy | George Eliot | Thomas Carew | Leo Tolstoy | Emily Bronte | Charles Dickens | Percy Bysshe Shelley | R.D. Blackmore | Homer | Thomas Hardy | Anne Bradstreet | Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley | D. H. Lawrence | Emily Dickinson | Ben Jonson | Gaston Leroux | Gustave Flaubert | F. Scott Fitzgerald | Ben Jonson | Virginia Woolf | Abraham Cowley | Andrew Marvell | Edgar Allan Poe | L. M. Montgomery | Robert Burns | Edith Wharton | Victor Hugo | John Clare | William Makepeace Thacheray | Countess of Winchilsea Anne Finch | William Blake | Louisa May Alcott | Paul Laurence Dunbar | Geoffrey Chaucer | Christina Rossetti | Oscar Wilde | Lord Byron | Alfred, Lord Tennyson | William Blake | Bram Stoker | Robert Browning | Anthony Trollope | Arthur Symons
Product is sold out!