52 Assignments: Macro Photography

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52 Assignments: Macro Photographyis a year’s worth of inspiring weekly assignments to kick-start your creativity.

This book is a mission brief, a portfolio of photographic workshops, a personalised journal, and an inspirational guide to putting the creativity back into your craft.

It is filled with a year’s worth of weekly tasks and assignments devised to help you capture perfect macro images. From shooting flowers and fungi to bubbles and insects, this book is designed to be the most efficient and enjoyable way to shake off old habits and discover new approaches to taking macro photographs.

Each assignment has been written to show you different techniques that will give you the best macro photos possible. Whether you’re photographing in natural woodlands or manmade cities, each assignment encourages you to pay attention to the details and look at the world through a microscopic lens.

Whilst full of technical advice and professional tips, there is plenty of journal space for your own personal notes including tech specs, lists and other important memos to record your creative journey. If you plan to dip in and out of the book whenever you need inspiration or planning to follow week-by-week, this book will be sure to bring a new concept and creative approach each time you open it.

Assignment topics include:

Contrasting textures
Magnifying Glass
Miniature Scenes
Extension Rings
Ring Light
Light Trails

"The definitive guide to modern macro photography." --Photography NewsonMastering Macro Photography
Доставка 1-3 рабочих дня
16,10 €
Обычная цена: 16,95 €
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