Let Me Tell You about Estonia...

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Inglisekeelne õpik, milles tutvustatakse Eestimaad, tema ajalugu, loodust, inimesi, pühasid jm. Materjali võib kasutada gümnaasiumi vanemates klassides inglise keele tunnis Eesti-ainelise erikursuse õpikuna, samuti suulise riigikeele eksami Eesti-aineliste eksamiküsimuste ettevalmistamisel.
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LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ESTONIA … has been developed for secondary school students who learn about Estonia as part of their language studies. The course is planned for 35 lessons (one lesson a week throughout the schoolyear). The book includes 25 units on a variety of topics supplied with pictures, exercises and interesting facts. There is also a supplement consisting of 10 texts on Estonia at the end of the book.The book may prove useful for people who have to introduce Estonia to foreigners within the country or abroad. It may also serve as a modest guide for English-speaking visitors.
Товар распродан!