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Solid State Additive Manufacturing

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The text focuses on discussing the solid-state deformation behavior of materials in additive manufacturing processes. It highlights the process optimization and bonding of different layers during layer-by-layer deposition of different materials in solid-state. It covers the design, process, and advancement of solid-state additive manufacturing methods. · Covers the fundamentals of materials processing, including the stress-strain-temperature correlation in solid-state. · Discusses solid-state additive manufacturing methods, and optimization strategies for the fabrication of additive manufacturing products. · Showcases the mechanisms associated with improvement in mechanical properties of solid-state additive manufacturing products. · Provides a comprehensive discussion on microstructural stability and homogeneity in mechanical properties. · Presents hybrid solid-state process for fabrication of multilayer components and composite materials. The text focuses on the solid-state additive manufacturing techniques for the fabrication of industrially relevant products. It gives in-depth information on the fundamental aspect, hybridization of the processes, fabrication of different materials, improvement in product performance, and Internet of Things enable manufacturing. The text covers important topics such as hybrid solid-state additive manufacturing, and cold spray additive manufacturing. It will serve as an ideal reference text for senior undergraduate, graduate students, and researchers in fields including mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering, and production engineering. .
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