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The Journalist’s Toolbox: A Guide to Digital Reporting and AI

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*Focuses on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of digital reporting, placing values and concepts above tools so as to help ensure longevity. *Each chapter leads with short interviews, anecdotes and examples from journalists working in that area and concludes with exercises, project ideas and links to training videos. *Supported by JournalistsToolbox.org website, which features c. 20,000 links and tools helpful to journalists in various different areas (fact-checking, digital journalism, investigative journalism, copy editing, environment/weather, business, crime etc). Besides the website, the Toolbox also has a twice-monthly free e-newsletter on Substack (4,300 subscribers), the author’s @journtoolbox Twitter account (52,300 followers) and a YouTube channel with more than 75 training videos on multimedia tools (including exercises). The YouTube channel has more than 14,000 hours of watch time. *e-Book+, with interactive quizzes, videos, embedded interactive charts and audio interviews.
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