Your Every Feeling Creates You

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"There are different theories about the energy of human body. The authors of the book Your Every Feeling Creates You have understood the human body as a whole and they cognize its secrets marvelously. I really enjoyed this book!"
-MD Riina Raudsik, author of pH Balance and Vibroacoustic Therapy
Since each of your feelings creates you and your reality, it is worth becoming aware of your feelings and consciously working with them. Negative feelings contain damaging and destructive qualities. Positive feelings supply an uplifting and healing impact. Utilising your awareness you garner the necessary knowledge and skills to transform negative feelings. Then you comprehend no feeling can be implanted in you and fully recognise worry becomes a prayer for what you do not want. This book guides you through which illnesses are caused by what feelings. Such as:
• Menopause or acne
• Cellulite or hyperthyroidism
• Food or alcohol addiction
• Headache or backache
• Radiculitis or Inflammation of the lungs
• High or low blood pressure
• Hip ailments or scoliosis
• Depression or other illnesses
Between these covers you will find the necessary exercises and techniques meant for daily use supporting spiritual self-development:
• How to move from thinking to feeling
• How to develop clairvoyance and improve your memory
• How to create new beliefs in order to experience a better reality
• How to transform your negative feelings
This book helps you deal with worry and negative feelings and illnesses arising from these feelings.
Доставка 7 рабочих дней
20,85 €
Обычная цена: 21,95 €
Наличие в магазинах