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AI-Centric Modeling and Analytics: Concepts, Technologies, and Applications

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This book shares new methodologies, technologies, and practices for resolving issues associated with leveraging AI-centric modeling, data analytics, machine learning-aided models, Internet of Things-driven applications, and cybersecurity techniques in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. AI-Centric Modeling and Analytics: Concepts, Technologies, and Applications focuses on how to implement solutions using models and techniques to gain insights, predict outcomes, and make informed decisions. This book presents advanced AI-centric modeling and analysis techniques that facilitate data analytics and learning in various applications. It offers fundamental concepts of advanced techniques, technologies, and tools along with the concept of real-time analysis systems. It also includes AI-centric approaches for the overall innovation, development, and implementation of business development and management systems along with a discussion of AI-centric robotic process automation systems that are useful in many government and private industries. This reference book targets a mixed audience of engineers and business analysts, researchers, professionals, and students from various fields.
Product is sold out!