Connecting paradigms of motor behaviour to sport and physical education

Liigutusõpetust tervikuks ühendavad paradigmad kehalises kasvatuses ja spordis.

is to present recent articles that examine theoretical
and empirical research on the learning and teaching
of motor skills. We have based the development of
the book on the effect of synergism – a phenomenon
whereby the cooperative interaction of multiple psychological,
pedagogical, and biological ideas, drawn from
the systemic model, act together to create an enhanced
combined outcome, greater than could be expected
from knowledge derived from the independent contribution
of these disciplines.

The parallel discussion of critical psychological, pedagogical,
and biological concepts associated with motor
behaviour serves as an intellectual catalyst for the student,
researcher, and teacher. In keeping with the proposition
of a multidimensional structure of the teaching
and learning of motor skills, the content of the book is
organized within three sections.

Overall, this text provides a unique opportunity for the
reader to explore a broad range of research and theoretical
conceptualizations related to motor behaviour.

For those working in the fields of physical education and
sport this book should promote both a deeper understanding
of knowledge previously considered, and the
exposure to ideas that serve to frame new perspectives
related to skill acquisition and motor learning.
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