Peter the Great´s Cookbook

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The first edition of the Tallinn City Museum’s new series of books introducing historical recipes and the cuisines of different eras has been published. How to make jam from watermelon pulp? How to make bread kvass or duck coulibiac?
How to prepare authentic Russian cabbage soup?
In the 120-page book you will find exciting recipes with a very multi-layered historical background, as well as a short
history of the development of Kadriorg’s “old palace”, the house of Peter I and Kadriorg Park.
The first book in the series of food history publications from the Tallinn City Museum reflects the changes brought about
by an exciting era. With them, new foods from overseas, such as cabbage, Savoy cabbage, aubergine, began to appear on the tables of the more refined local people. The court chefs were joined by a number of other food producers of
foreign origin introducing gastronomy novelties.
The book was prepared in cooperation with the restaurant Mon Repos, led by its head chef Erik Prosvirin, the recipes
taking into account contemporary tastes and possibilities. The pages of the book are illustrated with photographs of
ready-made dishes and the house of Peter I, as well as the art collection of the Tallinn City Museum and the Art Museum of Estonia.
In the next books of the series, it is planned to introduce food recipes collected from the residents of Tallinn’s oldest
suburb, Kalamaja, as well as dishes prepared in the kitchen of the former medieval merchant house. Exciting recipes
can be found from every era of Tallinn.
The book was written by Julia Kornejeva and Irina Krivorukova, edited by Pia Ehasalu, and the texts were written by
Julia Kornejeva. The photographs are by Meeli Küttim, the book is designed and elegantly bound in a historical format
by Angelika Schneider.
The book is available in three parallel languages: Estonian, English and Russian, and as such is a perfect gift book for
people outside Estonia. The publication, published by the Tallinn City Museum and the Tallinn Russian Museum, was
supported by the Tallinn Culture and Sports Department
Delivery 1-3 workdays
21,80 €
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