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A Homesteader´s Guide for Maintaining and Restoring Your Health with the Help of Your Own Actions and Natural Remedies.

Implementing the Hippocratic Oath: “I detect the disease, find malfunctions in the body, eliminate them, and in 80% of cases the body´s health is restored”.

An expanded, revised and translated version of the book "Toome oma tervise tagasi" (Restore Your Health) by Virgo and Lyudmila Mihkelsoo, published in Tallinn, Estonia, 2008-2016.

Publisher RemedyWay OÜ, 2018. The handbook is hardcover, 408 p., 23 chapters, 23 tables and bibliography - 373.

This book is based on the personal experiences of authors and readers alike, who have used and benefited from the advice contained herein. Additionally, authors have integrated the data from extensive research done by experts of holistic medicine around the globe.

The medicine of self-healing is very effective:
- The patient themself feels the symptoms of a health problem and the way they develop, is active in treating them, and can call on the help of the most powerful assistants - their subconscious and the mighty mechanism of recovery and healing.

- In self-healing, the following methods and therapies are most often employed:
Development and reinforcement of willpower
Therapeutic exercises
Regimen therapy
Detox therapy
Diet therapy
Integrative medicine
Hippocratic medicine
Epigenetic therapy
Phyto-, api- and apiphytotherapy
Therapeutic massag

- Healing is always possible if rehabilitation, treatment, and recovery are facilitated by the powers and proficiencies of the body itself and the awareness of the person who helps themselves with natural remedies, sensibly employing natural products and acting wisely.

About authors:

Virgo Mihkelsoo was born in 1941 in Estonia to a peasant family on the Viira farmstead. In 1966 he graduated from the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University) with a degree in electrophysics. He worked at the Estonian Academy of Sciences, starting as a junior scientific worker and attaining the position of scientific secretary and chief constructor of laser technology. In 1989, he began to work at Tartu University as head of the laboratory of laser biology and medicine, where he worked with doctors to introduce laser irradiation for treatment purposes.

Lyudmila Mihkelsoo was born in 1939 in Uzbekistan. She graduated from Tartu University with a degree in philology. She studied on a post-graduate course in phytotherapy at the Mechnikov St. Petersburg Medical Academy, and in 2011 she graduated from the St. Petersburg National Institute of Health with a degree in traditional systems of medicine. Lyudmila´s grandmother was an experienced healer who made remedies from medicinal plants and other natural sources. Since 1993, Lyudmila and Virgo have been working together on the farm of Viira. They keep bees and grow buckwheat and medicinal herbs. The spouses develop and produce honey mixtures based on honey, medicinal plants, wild berries, buckwheat and other natural products for therapeutic purposes and self-healing.
PS. In 1985, Lyudmila fell ill with agranulocytosis (her bone marrow stopped producing white blood cells). By using bee products, red caviar, walnuts with honey, special vegetable and fruit salads (carrot, beetroot, apples, etc.), as well as special exercises, she managed with the help of the Tartu University Clinic to restore normal hematogenesis and fully recover.

Delivery 1-3 workdays
18,99 €
Regular price: 29,99 €
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